Étretat and the Costa de Albatre in France.

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Our desire is always to discover and explore the most beautiful and striking corners of the world. That is why today we go to France to get to know Étretat and the Costa de Albatre, famous for their wonderful and impressive white cliffs.

That’s how impressive it is, like the monastery on a cliff in Israel called, The monastery of Wadi Qelt called St. George where there are other historical ruins and ancient synagogues.

How are Étretat and the Costa de Albatre

Étretat and the Costa de Albatre are located in the northern part of France, right on the edge of the English Channel that separates the French country from the British Isles with a tongue of water. That is, it is an area where millions of people have crossed to England.

Étretat is a small town of only 1400 inhabitants that belongs to the department known as the Seine Maritime. The coastline on which the town is situated is known as Pays de Caux, although its most famous phenomenon is the many and huge cliffs that are called Costa de Albatre.

Étretat and the Costa de Albatre are so beautiful and spectacular that they have served dozens of artists as true inspiration. Names like Claude Monet, Guy de Maupassant, Gustave Coubert, Eugène Boudin or Maurice Leblanc found on these coasts a magical place to create works that have passed to the collective memory of humanity.

¿What to see in Étretat and the Costa de Albatre?

However, even if you are not an artist, the immensity and harmony enjoyed in Étretat and the Costa de Albatre attract thousands of visitors every year, as its beauty is captivating. The sound of the waves is capable of transporting man to dream worlds of immense proportions and absolute beauty.

The sound of the waves is capable of transporting man to dream worlds of immense proportions and absolute beauty.

In addition, as it is located only about 2 hours from Paris, in the Normandy region, it is normal for many of the visitors who enjoy the French capital to go around this unique and wonderful area.

The cliffs of Étretat and the Costa de Albatre

Thus, the main claim we find in Étretat and the Costa de Albatre are its immense and absorbing cliffs. Manneporte, Courtine, Amont, Aval, Vaudieu or Aiguille de Belval are just some of the names you will know on this plateau of the Pays de Caux created on the basis of flint by the wise mother nature.

You will find in them shapes like the head of an elephant, for example. And, if you can cross them by boat, the experience will be unforgettable.

The crepes of Étretat

Given the success among the tourism that the cliffs of the Costa de Albatre have, a good number of creperies have proliferated in the heart of Étretat. So, combined with the excellent landscape, a good crepe to recover energy is ideal. In addition, they demonstrate great art in the elaboration of this typically French delicacy.

Le trou à l’homme

Crossing a hole to reach the wonderful beach of Jambourg only when the tide is low is another of the excellent experiences on the Costa de Albatre. A huge beauty reminiscent of the wreck of a Swedish ship in 1792.

The old market

What was once a farm and then a pond has now become the marketplace. Over time, small houses have been built that today form a beautiful conglomerate of shops and stores with a unique charm.

The clos Arsène Lupine

One of the artists who was enchanted by the beauty of the Costa de Albatre was Maurice Leblanc, creator of the classic white glove thief Arsène Lupine. Today you can know your universe in an adventure that you can only enjoy here.

The Nungesser and Coli monument

Since 1963 the town of Étretat is dominated by the Nungesser and Coli monument. An arrow that symbolizes the tribute to two daring aviators who tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.

The golf

And of course, a sport that fascinates French is golf. So in Étretat and the Costa de Albatre you can practice 50 meters above sea level in a field that has 100 years of history with a legendary hole, number 10.

Do not have the slightest doubt that visiting the cliffs and the absorbing beauty of Étretat and the Costa de Albatre is a trip you will never forget. What are you waiting for to pack your bag and take a course to the north of France?

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